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Return Shipping

Once your equipment lease is approaching completion, we will work on behalf of the client to secure return instructions from the leasing company. Offsite Equipment will then provide the best in-class return shipping to ensure reliable and on-time delivery.

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Copier Storage

Offsite Equipment prides itself on the ability to provide clients with a national network of safe and secure warehouses to store your equipment. We ensure safe transportation from your desired location to one of our local warehouses through the use of an inventory management system which tracks the movement of your equipment. If at any time you need your equipment, we offer quick retrieval from the warehouse to your designated location.

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Copier Moves

transportWhen you choose Offsite Equipment to transport your equipment, you are choosing the best. Our professional team specializes in copier transportation across all 50 states. Damage protection and warranty are Included in your transport to protect your investment. With years of experience, Offsite Equipment knows the value and importance of providing fast and reliable services for clients. That is why we are the number one choice for equipment transport.

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Copier Recycling

copier recyclingDo you or your customer have an old copier that you need picked up and recycled? Call Offsite today and we will remove that old unit and recycle over 90% of the materials from the unit!.

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Hard Drive Replacement

A majority of business owners are unaware that most digital copiers manufactured since 2002 contain a hard drive or other internal memory. This internal memory stores images of each copy, scan, or faxed document.

Since many business owners are unaware of this fact, it is often a dangerous proposition when sending back a copier that was used to scan, print, or fax sensitive information. There is a solution, however, that can save you money and time.

Offsite Equipment offers clients the opportunity to wipe or replace a copier hard drive or internal memory. After ensuring proper removal of sensitive information, we will then provide documentation for your records.

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