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Call for a Quote

Talk to our service specialists about your needs - Storage? Moving? Assembly? Sensitive equipment that requires special handling - we can work it out with you!

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Set Up

We work out the scheduling with our drivers, who are insured and certified specialists with technical equipment. Storage and delivery dates will be set up, coordinating them with your needs.

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We Handle It All!

We handle the crates, delivery, breakdown and any storage of used or old equipment that is being replaced. Our team stays in constant contact with your business on details. When done, we provide the paperwork. If there are contracts to manage or track, we can help with that too!

Return Shipping and Storage


Offsite Equipment was started in 2010; its mission: Pick up leased copiers, store the equipment, remind customers about the letters of intent and then ship copiers back at the end of the lease term.

Since then, Offsite Equipment has expanded to helping photocopier dealers, customers and manufactures with all aspects of the business.  We handle relocations, lease returns, storage for customers and dealers. We can ship copiers to any lease return depot in the lower 48 states. We warehouse manufacturers' inventory, assemble, and deliver to customers. This includes:

Lease return depots: We haul used equipment copier dealers purchase from lease return depots. Offsite is able to ship to any lease return depot in the lower 48 states.

Lease Returns: We store, deliver and assemble lease returns.

New Copier assembly and delivery: We help manufacturers warehouse their inventory, then assemble and deliver.

Lease contract management and reminders: Our customers need help with tracking all of these lease agreements -- so we have a custom cloud-based solution to help notify them about renewals.

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Full Service with Copier Storage

Copier Storage Services

Don’t have room for your old copiers and there is still time remaining on the lease before they can be shipped back?  No problem!  At Offsite, our warehouse network stretches across the continental United States so you can rest assured your equipment will be held in a safe and secure location that specializes in storage.  We have the space to accommodate your needs it its one small printer all they way up to a major install with hundreds of copiers.  We also offer prepaid copier shipping options where your customer can lock in todays shipping rates and have the assurance that they will not have to come out of pocket when their return shipping instructions arrive.

We also specialize in the storage of Medical Equipment, Computer Equipment, furniture, and crates.

FLAT RATE CRATE STORAGE:  If you need more space in your office or at home, call Offsite and inquire about our Flat Rate Crate Storage where we provide you with the crate, you provide the lock and once you fill it up, we will come by and bring it back to our nearest warehouse where it will be held as long as you need.  When you are ready to have the crate returned, we can deliver it locally or ship it anywhere in the continental US that you need.


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Moving and Storage

Sensitive Electronics and Servers

Electronic equipment needs special care and attention when we transport and store these items. Our speciality: the final-mile delivery and expedited services to businesses. Our trucks are outfitted with special features to keep your items safe and sound.

We have built up a customer base that depends on us for:

Storage, Assembly and Breakdowns - We take care to move those servers, medical equipment and and other sensitive equipment

Office moves - We handle servers and other electronic devices, as well as assembling office furniture on site for you.

Custom safety equipment - Our trucks and store facilities are equipped with custom features that make sure your items are moved safely. There's a reason why we have such a low damage claim ratio.

White glove service - We pay attention to the paperwork, and take care to keep our customers updated on progress with your deliveries. Our drivers are certified to handle medical devices.

Last mile/expedited delivery specialists - We partner with other transportation services to do that vital service of delivering equipment to the customer's residence or business, assembling and placing the items.  Our trucks have the flexibility to handle last-minute delivery requests.

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Track Your Lease Renewals

Contract Management Services

Talk to us about how to take a pro-active approach to tracking critical action and expiration dates. Our Renew Alert system tracks the paperwork and actions needed for your business.

We will help you take pro-active approach to critical action dates and expiring supplier contracts with RenewAlert's cloud-based resource. Easily track your contracts, then upload and assign documents to specific action items you can access anywhere you have an internet connection. Set reminder dates that will synch with your calendar, so you receive system generated email reminders for each item.

Our RenewAlert system is a business management system that saves you money, time, headaches and boosts customer service.

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Storage, Assembly and Delivery

Office Moves

Our trucks are on hand for the difficult task of an office move - including assembly and storage. We know how to handle servers and other delicate electronics. If you need help with moving school equipment  - talk to us as well!

Office (or business moves in general) have included:

  • Restaurants -- and the high-end equipment in the kitchens
  • Servers and other sensitive electronics
  • Medical equipment
  • Schools

Our background with general warehousing and storage, combined with a national transportation network, makes us an ideal partner for handling your office moves.

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Medical Equipment

For manufacturers (and sales reps), we will store and move large medical equipment. Our drivers receive constant training (with AZ certifications) to learn how to unbox, do rough assembly and place the equipment properly. We'll even remove the debris and store the crates!

We deliver medical devices, including unboxing, some assembly and placement of debris. Manufacturers and sales teams rely on our expertise with shipping and storing devices needed for sales demos.

All of our drivers are trained and certified with handling medical devices.

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White Glove Delivery

We handle both business and residential deliveries of furniture. Our white-glove delivery methods will please your customers! We can assemble and store your items as needed.

We have worked with schools, restaurants and medical offices.

Talk to us about expedited/hot shot deliveries.

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